IJL Kemper Bass Pack

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IJL Kemper Bass Pack

The first, official Kemper Bass Pack by Ilja John Lappin.

You can now purchase Ilja's high-quality signature bass sounds for the Kemper Profiling Amp System.

The pack includes 10 different amp sounds - from clean to heavily distorted - which re-create the sounds Ilja has been using on countless recordings and live-tours with his band The Hirsch Effekt and various, other artists throughout the years.

The sounds were elaborately & painfully detailed crafted together with German renowned producer, mixer, engineer & sound wizard Willi Dammeier in his "Institut für Wohlklangforschung"-studios in Hannover, Germany.
Willi has been creating official Kemper Bass Packs for Kemper since the very first launch of the Profiling Amp.

Package Content:

- Profiles -

*01 IJL Metalbass Light
*02 IJL Metalbass Punch
*03 IJL Metalbass Drive
*04 IJL Metalbass Xtreme
*05 IJL Clean Amp
*06 IJL DI
*07 IJL Passive Clean
*08 IJL Passive Drive
*09 IJL Passive Drive Xtreme
*10 IJL Passive Vintage

+ Info Sheet

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